It’s like giving your club a Public Relations Department

Got a big game coming up?
Well get your social media pumping with this new feature from XSYTE.

As your scorers record each goal, a custom snapshot of the goalscorer, assists and context of the goal is put into a slick looking photo and posted to your Facebook Page.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 2.34.20 pm

Tweets are automatically sent out – “Gabrielle Aston has put the Melbourne Ice in front! Julia Childress and Beth Kavanagh with the helpers!”

A link back to the game page has your fans checking out the game at your website. It’s like your club has a dedicated public relations department!

Imagine, people commenting… Way to go Gabby! Great goal, Gabby!
And imagine how Gabby feels after the game checking out all the comments. “What an awesome league I play in!”

And how much additional effort goes into it from your staff? None, because you have the best platform on Earth, XSYTE.

Check out the new Public Relations Goal Update Feature from XSYTE!


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