7 Common Mistakes Clubs Make with their Website

1. Disorganized and Unruly

People come to your website for a reason. Your website should be organized, simple to navigate and make sense. If people can find what they want without frustration you are already halfway there to giving great customer service. 

2. Not Mobile Friendly

Can you read anything on this page?  —>

Do you want to spend time zooming in and out of the page so you can try and find what you are looking for?

And if you do find that link to click on, is it so small you accidentally click the thing below it?  Ugh!

People are on their phones.  A lot.  That means that your website should be mobile friendly.  It it isn’t you are serving up frustrating customer experiences like the one on the right.

3. Out of Date

Clubs make the mistake of uploading schedules and results after games have already happened.  This will lead to complaints like “Where are the results from last Saturdays game?” A lot of clubs track schedules, results and stats on Excel Spreadsheets and upload the latest versions to their website.  By the time a new version to comes out, they are waiting for the next rounds updates.  Eventually people just stop coming because they lose confidence that they can find what they are after.

4. Post updates on Facebook Instead

Some clubs see their website as a deserted ghost town.  So they abandon it and post all news and updates on their Facebook page.  Social media is important and it is a great way to connect with your members, but it should work in harmony with your website, not become your website.

5. Does not drive members to the website

Did you ever see that movie where a field of corn tells a farmer “If you build it, they will come?”  This does not apply to websites.  Your website should continuously work to ensure traffic is coming back to it.  One great way to do this is to send out game and training invitations.  Not only does this give members an easy way to indicate if they cannot make a session.  It brings them back to your website so they can check out what the latest standings are, and see what else the club is offering.  If your website doesn’t drive traffic back to itself, you may not be engaging your members enough.

6. Is boring and stale

If your website can be described as text-heavy, data-centric, dull, infrequently updated, or grey you probably have boring presentation. Nobody wants to play in a boring league that no one cares about.  It’s the difference between playing in front of the stadium janitor vs. playing when the stadium is packed with excited fans!   You want to bring the passion, not suck the life out of your league.  If you have dull presentation, it’s time to fix it!

7. Doesn’t Use Team and Division Logos

If you only use team names and division names instead of visual cues, it’s harder to find the right league.  It’s less interesting, less colorful and less fun.  Sports are exciting and colorful!  Use logos!

If you want a new solution that will transform your website into the hive of activity it should be, get an XSYTE today!



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