Poor Attendance can be a Vicious Cycle for Sports Meetups

XSYTE Helps you organize your players
If you’ve ever tried to get a weekly game started, you know how important attendance is.

The first couple of weeks are hard because word hasn’t had time to spread yet, people aren’t sure it will be a good game so it’s easy to be short on numbers.
The people you do have are probably you’re best and keenest people! You want to prove to them that you can give them a great experience, which will bring them back time and time again. But if you don’t have the right numbers, the under-attended game can quickly lose it’s luster and you miss the opportunity to start off with the right first impression. This can make it difficult to grow the session to its ideal potential because you may lose players faster than you can add new ones and eventually you run out of “believers”.

The trick is to start strong! By having the right amount of players in place from day one, you give your attendees the best possible game! As they tell people what a great time they had, others will want to play too. All of a sudden, you have a proven, in-demand session!

This can be a problem too, however. Too many people will limit playing time and cause frustration… They might not show up next time when you need them!

So how can you get the perfect number of players and get a great sustainable weekly sports session? And how can you do that without spending time chasing up people to make sure they are coming?

Use a tool such as XSYTE to run your weekly pickup game. You simply create a list of all the players email addresses that would be interested in your game. Try and have double what you need as people’s schedules are ever-changing and some people may not be available. So for a standard two-line pickup hockey game, let’s pretend you’d ideally like 10 players per side and 2 goalies. You set those variables in your Weekly Pickup division so the tool knows how many people you want to come. It wants to draw 20 players plus two goalies. Yes, you can specify position types in your player list! Create your first game, specifying the date time and place… Then all you do is click a Send Invitations button. From here, the tool takes over. It sends out the first 20 player invites and the 2 goalie invites. As players recieve the email it has a “Yes, I will come!” link or a “No! I cant make it this time.” link. As players click thier preferences, a page shows you who’s coming and who is not in real time. When people click no, more invitations are sent out to get the perfect amount of players. This process continues until you have all the spots filled.

Once you have the ideal number of players coming – you can split into even teams so you can ensure a fun, competitive game! You are already running a successful weekly session from day one with ease! Congratulations!


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